Fastback - The flying discs allowed for use in this competition.   (Fastback shape, size, and weight)
              Regulation round - 3 throws for each team involved.
              Heat - 3 regulation rounds for the teams involved.
              Finals - The last heat in a division with the 4 teams that qualify to compete for the positions of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place.
              Throw/catch - A successful throw followed by a successful catch.
              Strike out - Failure by a team to complete any throw/catch in a single round.
              Qualifying throw/catch - The longest throw/catch completed by a team within a regulation round.
              Surviving team - A team completing a qualifying throw/catch that results in advancement to the next round.
              Free start - The dog is allowed to cross the throwing line before the throw is released.
              Elimination - The team(s) that fail to advance into the next regulation round or win the final regulation round of a heat.


teams must sign the waiver/release entry form. Throwers must accept all responsibility for their own well being, health, and safety plus that of the dog being used while participating in The QUADRUPED® competition. The QUADRUPED® is a compete at your own risk competition.

2. Only the official discs, Fastback shape, size, and weight will be allowed for competition use. The QUADRUPED® competition will provide a Fastback shaped disc at the throwing line for teams who do not have their own disc for use in the competition. Teams who desire to provide their own Fastback shaped disc will be allowed to do so as follows. The disc presented must be an unmodified commercially and publicly readily available Fastback shaped disc. The presented disc will not weight more than 110 grams. Fastback shaped discs made by organizations other than Whamo will be allowed for competition use provided they are the same shape, sized, and weight (110 grams or less).

One dog and division per thrower. Two throwers may share the same dog if necessary.

Heat placement and throwing order will be made in each division by all of the division's throwers making one throw without the dog. The throwers with the longest throws will go later, or last in their heat. The throwers with the shorter throws will go first, or at the beginning of their heat.

5. All teams must have their dog on leash while near the competition field except when competing.

Only the competing team and competition officials will be allowed on the field during competition.

When called, a team will move to the on deck area before their turn.

. A throwers foot touching the throwing line will be a foot fault, that throw will not count, and will be lost. After the throw is released the thrower will be allowed to step over the throwing line.

. Any team's dog running loose on the competition field before their turn may result in disqualification from the event.

10. Three throws per team per regulation round, with a team's longest catch being marked (Qualifying throw/catch). Only three surviving teams will advance from the first round of a heat into the second round. Only two surviving teams will advance from the second round of a heat into the 3rd and final round of a heat. The Team with the longest catch in the heat will have the choice of throwing first or second in the Final Round. In the unlikely event that something interferes with a dog's ability at fair catching a throw, at the competition official's discretion, a re-throw may be awarded.

Dogs do not have to be behind the throwing line before the throwing motion is started (Free Start), however, dogs will not be allowed to run down the field and stop to turn around and wait on the throw. Teams violating this philosophy will get the penalty of losing that throw.

The dog will be allowed to stand in front of the thrower before the throwing motion is started, but not more than 5-yards.

If for any reason the thrower wants or desires to call the throw off and restart the dog, the thrower will be allowed to do so, as long as the dog has not crossed the 30-yard line. If the dog crosses the 30-yard line and turns around and stops to wait on the throw, it will be a penalty of losing that throw.

The Frisbee is live until it hits the ground. Meaning if it's tipped and then caught, it will be marked at the spot of the catch. However, tipped catches will not count toward The QUADRUPED® records. All catches will be marked at the leading edge of the Frisbee when the dog touches the ground.

The definition of a catch is difficult to put into words. We believe that when the dog grabs control of the disc and maintains it for a brief moment, it is a catch. We believe that the ground should not be able to cause a drop or miss. This philosophy will be taken into consideration when determining if a throw has been a catch or a miss.

Throwers will be allowed up to one minute per throw. If the thrower uses up their entire minute, they will be asked to make their throw. If the throw does not occur with in a few seconds, that throw will be lost.

In the event of a tie between teams to move into the next round, the finals, or win a heat, there will be a tiebreaker between the teams involved. There will be a coin flip, the winner getting choice of throwing first or second in the tiebreaker. The teams will receive one throw each, with the longest catch winning the tiebreaker. In the event no catches are made, the coin flip will occur again, and the tiebreaker will continue until one team scores a longer catch than the other team.

Any thrower who has won the Women's or Men's Division will be required to compete in Women's Open or Men's Open.

Any boisterous challenges, poor sportsmanship, inappropriate behavior, foul language, or ugly verbal remarks directed toward competition officials may result in disqualification from the event. The QUADRUPED® will not treat any team with a lack of dignity and respect. We expect the same in return.

Owners will be expected to clean up after their dog should any nature break occur.

. Up to the start, The QUADRUPED® maintains the right to change or adjust the rules of competition where desired or necessary. Any rulings on the competition field will be final, and not subject to any challenge. 

Copyright 1999, 2011 Jeff Hoot